We do not accept returns. Why? Returns are the most significant cost burden for retailers and e-commerce. Accounting for $5 billion worth of loss nationwide, and more importantly, the most significant cause of waste. Returns are unsustainable for a business financially and for our environment. At City Shoppe, we are taking a different approach. We want our consumers to make conscious decisions about their purchases and stop the shipping costs back and forth, product damage, and time loss for both consumer and vendor. That is why City Shoppe has created our concept called "Second Life." Returns happen through our "Second Life" section. If you decide you no longer want a product that you purchased on City Shoppe, we offer a free listing of the item on Second Life. When the product resells, you receive the funds it sells for. Second Life launches on October 1st, 2020.
Second life takes unwanted purchases & empowers users to re-sell them to others, reducing costs and waste for everyone.
You can track a package through the tracking number sent in your order confirmation email.

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